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Maximize Your Success Rate With Mobile Market Research by John Papadakis

30 Mar 2016 9:45 AM | Mark Michelson (Administrator)

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Maximize Your Success Rate With Mobile Market Research 

by John Papadakis, Pollfish

Startup owners face a unique business challenge: Their ideas, products, features, and businesses themselves don’t have solid, market-proven research backing them up.

Basically, everything entrepreneurs do is new, and sadly, a whopping 70-90 percent of startups end up failing because the owners didn’t do their research.

To be successful as a startup founder, you have to conduct your own research and build a strong foundation to support every step you take. One of the best research methods that entrepreneurs can adopt is surveying both current and potential customers.

Surveying provides key information that helps determine whether your business is on the right track.

Typical Survey Avenues and Their Downsides

Startup owners can take a variety of approaches when it comes to customer surveys. Here are a few of the most common methods:

  • Surveying friends and family
  • Posting surveys on Facebook or sending them in emails
  • Promoting surveys through advertising

Each of these approaches has major disadvantages. Surveying your friends and family, for example, is a terrible way to gain true customer insights. Similarly, posting surveys on Facebook or emailing them out generates skewed results because the target audience (people you know) is biased.

Additionally, promoting surveys through advertisements is way too expensive because you pay per click rather than per completed survey. Honestly, not many people want to take a survey they hear about through an online ad anyway.

But perhaps the most egregious customer surveying error that startup owners tend to commit is not surveying at all. There are tools out there that have been built to help you effectively survey your true target audience. You just need to find a platform that targets the right audience and collect the data you need.

The Key Is to Go Mobile

Engaging your audience members — on their terms — is a crucial part of being an entrepreneur. So mobile surveys are the best way to discover your potential customers’ opinions and perceptions, their likes and dislikes, and how to better serve their needs.


  • You can “rent” the right target audience. Getting feedback from real, unbiased consumers is the only way to gain insights that matter. With mobile, you can zero in on your target audience based on location, gender, age, network provider, and more. This way, you’re sure to collect valuable data from impartial consumers.
  • Consumers are already on mobile. The exponentially increasing number of smartphones proves that mobile is the leading way people communicate, get information, interact, shop, and access entertainment. As Google’s Zero Moment of Truth describes, mobile use and searches are natural parts of our daily routines.
  • Quick results equal money well spent. With ad-promoted surveys, the entire budget can be spent on something only a random, untargeted audience might see. Results aren’t guaranteed. They are, however, guaranteed on a mobile app network, where you only pay for qualified, completed survey responses. You know the cost from the beginning, and making timely, cost-effective decisions is crucial for all entrepreneurs.

No matter the industry, people are going to interact with and research your business on their mobile devices. So why not take advantage of that pre-established connection?

Understanding your target consumers is the secret behind successful product and concept development, brand awareness and engagement, ad testing, and identifying market trends. And surveys conducted via mobile devices not only receive more responses than other methods, but they also receive them more quickly and at a lower cost.

Don’t waste time and money on other options. Get the results you need by going mobile.

About the Author

With a focus on the mobile domain space, John Papadakis, co-founder and CEO of Pollfish, is passionate about platforms and businesses that scale. In line with John’s expertise and passions, Pollfish is an online survey tool utilized by both small and high-profile clients to transform intelligence with the most accurate, cost-effective, and rapid survey completion times.

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