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Know your offline consumers even better: Real Time Location Analytics

12 Jul 2016 12:49 AM | Deleted user

Know your offline consumers even better

Today online sales have been on the rise and e-commerce has led to better understanding of their consumer behavior that are buying and viewing their products through in-depth search analytics. The brick and mortar stores when they look back on their shelves would vision what if the offline of retail would have been able to know more about their consumer in their space.

That’s where BlueRadianz comes in the scene to help brands and stores to take imprints of their consumer and crafts real time location analytics for the offline world.


One of the local apparel chain stores in our city was keen to know more about their consumers and there in store popular sections. With all the due permissions from store level we did the area survey and then placed our sensors at desired locations ensuring uninterrupted power supply and internet connectivity. We collected the data for 100 days and defined the following metrics.

All of these metrics were studied on hourly, daily and weekly basis.

  • 1.      Number of visitors in the retail space
  • 2.      Number of visitors
  • 3.      Number of visitors in walk bys
  • 4.      Number of window conversions
  • 5.      Number of visitors at check outs
  • 6.      Average dwell time at store fronts
  • 7.      Average dwell time of visitors at various sections in the store
  • 8.      Average dwell time at various sections in store
  • 9.      Unique Vs Repeat Visitors
  • 10.  Smartphone Brand Distribution

After creating various visual analytics we did comparative study with in store point of sales data. We formulated real-time dashboards for their management team reflecting various data interpretations. The following are some of the real time visual we delivered.

Blueradianz Real-Time Dashboards

BlueRadianz™ wireless infrastructure captures smart devices and smart phone signatures in Wi-Fi enabled zones for delivering these metrics.

Crowd Location analytics

Estimates the number of visitors, number of unique visitors, amount of time they spend, and the frequency of their visits within the space and its specific zones.

Advanced analytics

Graphs provide knowledge of movement patterns by these visitors while they are in store. Together, these analytics provide detailed insights into general behavior patterns of people moving and interacting within a venue or open space.

The data from the BlueRadianz™ platform formulates discrete time, location of devices detected within the coverage area of the BlueRadianz™ Crowd Monitor in the wireless network. 

These advance dashboards gave finer details about unique and repeat visitors at the store, week wise performance and what was sales conversion ratio.

A custom dashboard was made where we were able to find the brands of phone coming in that retail space. The management has further worked on a unique logic on kind of smart phone visitors they are finding at their stores, deriving intelligence to under their consumers better.

Business Interpretation and Value from Blueradianz Solution

  • Learn busiest zones of the store. Gives an understanding of which zones of the store are reached from where.
  • How long people take on the route. It helps provide an understanding of the opportunities to engage with passing crowd.
  • Assess in peak times check out times at counters.
  • Easy way to measure the impact of marketing promotions, visitor behaviour. Measure peak hours / non-peak hour’s performance.
  • Zone wise footfall measurement.  Allows brands to understand the relative performance of sections helping them learn more about their customers.

Blueradianz systems comply with telecom regulation and ensure no personal information about visitors is collected; rather, trends and patterns of collective behaviour are gathered based on the discrete time, locations, and device signatures. BlueRadianz is the new mantra for Brands and Retail Spaces where the opportunity of knowing your offline consumer behaviour are delivered with real-time metrics.

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